Homework week 3

The assignment this week is focused on lighting, understanding and creativity.

I was advised to use a high shutter speed when working on an animal portrait, however, this dog is well trained so I knew he would hold still for a close up shot. Therefore, I went for a smaller aperture to increase the depth of field.


For the following capture (a training my eye exercise!), I wanted to concentrate on the positive and negative space.


This is all about photographing a shadow….. I had a lot of fun with my son creating lots of different shapes. Again, the negative space is important.


I knew that my subject for my environmental portrait would be very serious and come across as stern, so I threw her a curve ball and asked my son to pass over his phone. This immediately made her relaxed and her natural beauty really shone through. Love this photo.





Hanging out with black and white!



One of my photography assignments this week was to, “illustrate shape and form” by using side lighting. I am also trying to focus on the framing of each picture. These pictures were taken with a high aperture in order to add depth. I am TRYING very hard to remember that I need to adjust my settings for the *grey*. Am loving the course, although I am really out of my comfort zone! Ask me about autism and all will be cool………….. ask me about photography and I flounder big time! 🙂